ELON MUSK Is Going To Buy APPLE, Really?

ELON MUSK Is Going To Buy APPLE, make E-phones
In the ultimate act of billionaire revenge, Tech Genius Elon Musk has announced that he will buy Apple, following a dream he had about the makers of the Iphone, Macbook, Ipad, Airpod taking Twitter off the App Store.

ELON MUSK Is Going To Buy APPLE, Really?

ELON MUSK To Buy APPLE – On a related and simultaneously inconsequential note, Musk has as of late declared that in the event that any distribution doesn’t utilize the title “Tech Genius” prior to utilizing his complete name, he would purchase that distribution and run it to the ground.

In his past demonstration of very rich person retribution, in spite of the fact that it is hazy whom he was getting back at and for what, Musk purchased Twitter and is at present in the middle of destroying it.
In a progression of tweets, Musk reported his new arrangement.

ELON MUSK Is Going To Buy APPLE, Really?

Elon Musk Said these details in a interview and its youtube video is on Trend.

Another Statement Given By Elon Musk

“I need to make Apple extraordinary once more. They quit publicizing on Twitter, which simply implies that Apple has lost its adoration for #hatespeech, if at any point there was love for it.”
After five minutes, he tweeted: “I implied #freespeech. I’m certain you all will play around with that. That is the thing free discourse is about except if you work at Twitter.

Elon Musk – ” Many organizations have quit publicizing on Twitter after the web-based entertainment organization lifted limitations on Coronavirus deception and finished prohibitions on individuals like Steve Bannon and the head of the Ku Klux Klan, which as indicated by some is a bigoted association. After two minutes: “I will purchase Apple, and present another item – the E-telephone. It will reform cell phones. It will be accessible one year from now.”

A devotee of Tech Virtuoso Elon Musk answered: “One year from now called, said there are no E-telephones.”

The client was restricted. On another note, Musk additionally as of late declared that there should be two “Tech Genius” specifies in tales about him over 300 words long.
After eight minutes, another tweet: “Folks, what about this? I welcomed Trump back on Twitter. After I purchase Mac, I will bring back Steve Occupations, or a computerized variant of him to manage everything and direct the development of E-telephones and E-cushions and Muskpods.”
Following this, a few clairvoyants guaranteed that Positions reached them and said he would like to stay dead.

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