ASPEN TRAVEL GUIDE 2023 = Planning a trip to Aspen in winters? I’ve got you covered with the best hotels to stay, best restaurants to eat, best apres-ski spots in Aspen and more to help plan your mountain vacation in Aspen, Glenwood Springs, Colorado.


Table of Content

  • A rundown of the different mountains to choose from in Aspen
  • What to do in Aspen
  • The Best Apres-Ski Spots in Aspen
  • Where to Stay in Aspen
  • The best restaurant in Aspen
  • What to pack for Aspen
  • What to wear at Apres-Ski Spots

A rundown of the different mountains to choose from in Aspen

If you’re a skier or snowboarder, chances are you can’t wait to get on the mountains in Aspen. After all, these are some of the best and most prestigious mountains for skiing and snowboarding in the world. But how do you choose which Aspen mountain is right for you? Here’s a rundown of all the mountains in Aspen to choose from. 


What to do in Aspen

1. Aspen Mountain


Located right in town, about a 5 minute walk from the Hotel Jerome. Aspen Mountain features some of the most beautiful views and steepest terrain in Colorado, and its biggest perk is that it has a top-to-bottom gondola (which is perfect for the really cold days when you don’t want to freeze on chairlifts). It’s location, mixed with the gondola, make it the best mountain for cold days. But beginners beware! There are no greens / bunny hills, just blues, blacks and double blacks. As long as you aren’t a beginner, this is an amazing, convenient, cozy option as you’re right in town.

2. Aspen Highlands


Truly close to town, less swarmed, probably the best custodians, typically local people most loved mountain, additionally home to the Good countries Bowl in the event that you’re capable. Joyous beyond words for the Veuve party time party. pleasant retreats connected up here (st regis I think?), extraordinary for family/various levels – amateurs to specialists are blissful here. suggest carrying here as opposed to stopping. great, not excessively costly mexican eatery at base for lunch. incredible, easygoing apres spot at base if Joyous beyond words sounds excessively forceful for you. 5 to 10 mins from downtown Aspen.

3. Buttermilk


This ski resort is awesome for fledglings, with a lot of green rushes to browse. It likewise brags the halfpipe/territory park where you see Sean White in the Colder time of year Xgames! At the foundation of Buttermilk, you’ll find a lot of extraordinary apres-ski spots like Hometeam bar-b-que – an incredible spot to watch sports and partake in certain wings after the slants. Buttermilk is extremely simple to get to from town – 5 to 10 mins from downtown Aspen, with free transport transports running continually. Buttermilk is an ideal mountain for families and the people who like to ski nonchalantly, doing it as a piece of the aspen experience yet not forcefully needing to ski day in and day out.

4. Snowmass


Snowmass is an astonishing mountain in Aspen with something for everybody – from rabbit slopes and greens, to territory stops and twofold dark jewels. This pursues it an incredible decision on the off chance that you’re going with skiers of various solace levels. Snowmass is presumably the most active of the mountains however since it’s so enormous, there’s a great deal to investigate. They likewise have one of the most mind-blowing ski schools in Aspen, making it an extraordinary spot for guardians to drop kids off at ski school and partake in the day at their own speed. This hotel is around 20min drive from aspen, yet there are transports that get you there without any problem.

5. Ski/Snowboard


You can’t come to Aspen and not get out on the mountain! It’s the absolute best skiing I’ve at any point experienced. I’d see myself as a medium/moderate level skier, and Good countries Mountain was fine for me – regardless of it just having blue and dark precious stone runs. I was apprehensive at first to ski it, yet it was absolutely fine. In the event that you’re a novice, Buttermilk is great, and Aspen Mountain is extraordinary as well – in addition to you can ride the Gondola up and remain warm + hot!

Overall tips for skiing in Aspen

There are free shuttles that make it very easy to go in between mountains (just ask your hotel concierge)

The mountains can store your skis or have them transfer to different mountains for you if you know where you want to go. You can go check out 4 mountains in 4 days, or find your favorite and stick to that one whole trip.

What to do in Aspen if You Don’t Ski

There are lots of activities in Aspen for non-skiers. Go snowshoeing, ice skating, snowmobiling (energetically suggest T Sluggish 7 Farm), tubing, sledding, hang at the inn, seek a spa treatment, go out to shop, or simply avoid the ski and go directly to Apres-ski.

The Best Apres-Ski Spots in Aspen

  1. Ajax Tavern & Chair 9 – The Little Nell at the base of Aspen Mountain = Ajax is THE best spot to apres-ski in aspen. Situated at the foundation of the Silver Sovereign Gondola, Ajax Bar’s outside porch gives you a fantastic view to every one of the skiers and joyriders staying nearby The Little Nell. The French American menu is astonishing and the truffle fries are an unquestionable necessity, alongside certain shellfish and obviously, champagne.
  2. Cloud Nine – Aspen Highlands = If your concept of an apres-ski is popping a jug of Champagne in the snow and a raucous, wild party in a mountain, go directly to Beyond happy. Best on a bright, spring skiing day.
  3. Aspen Brewing Company = As Aspen’s just microbrewery, Aspen Blending Co’s. Aspen Tap has an open deck that is ideal for partaking in a trip of flavorful, nearby specialty lager (served on a ski!).

Where to Stay in Aspen

St. Regis

This property is significantly more dazzling face to face than you see on the web. The anteroom is the “it” spot to be in the evenings, and their spa is sublime. They have each convenience you’d at any point require and are so halfway found.

St. Regis Hotel , ASPEN 

Hotel Jerome Aspen, An Auberge Resortrome

This Auberge inn is such a jewel! It’s been the core of Aspen beginning around 1889 and has an extravagance meets-wild-west energy that I am Hanging around FOR. All that about this inn shouts Jetset, from the all year outside hot tub with warmed robes and shoes and mountain sees, to the fantastic eateries, to the comfortable, roomy rooms with to-bite the dust for baths. I cherished the set of experiences, appeal, and neighborliness of this spot. It’s effectively the best lodging in Aspen, yet it doesn’t act gaudy by any means.

Hotel Jarome Aspin, ASPEN 

The Little Nell

This famous shop lodging could never have a superior area – it’s in a real sense right at the foundation of the Aspen Mountain ski lift. Ski the entire day and afterward warm up by the fire in their anteroom, at Ajax Bar or Chair9. Their hot tub and pool are ahhh-mazing and the rooms are so extravagant and agreeable. The help is perfect.

The Little Nell, ASPEN 


Aspen lodgings are famously pricy, so remaining at an Airbnb right around is an incredible choice. I’d suggest searching for a spot close to any of these lodgings particularly on the off chance that you don’t lease a vehicle since then you can undoubtedly walk all over the place!

The best restaurant in Aspen

1. Matsuhisa

Owned by celebrity chef Nobuyuki “Nobu” Matsuhisa, this place is hands down the best sushi in Aspen and my favorite meal in town. It’s SO. Good. I’ve had sushi in Japan that isn’t as good as this.  Yes really.  This sushi will blow your mind.  Leave it to Nobu to create such an amazing spot in Aspen!  Go hungry and order tons of things to share!

2. Clark’s Oyster Bar

Something doesn’t add up about Aspen, champagne and clams that simply go together. I Adored this stylish clam bar in midtown Aspen. The sourdough bread is in a real sense the best I’ve had beyond San Francisco, and the crude bar is incredible. Go here, you will love it.

3. Casa Tua

This Italian chalet-style restaurant is the cutest!! Rustic, but elegant, and oh so delicious Italian food. Go here!! I was SO blissful when I figured out my #1 eatery in Miami was in Aspen. This café is an Unquestionable requirement in the event that you’re visiting. Probably the yummiest Italian food I’ve at any point had… and the stylistic layout is dim, fancy and astounding. In the event that you can’t get a booking, basically go sit at the bar and partake in a mixed drink!!!

4. Home Team BBQ

One of my outright most loved grill spots in Charleston, Host Group has Another area – at the foundation of Buttermilk mountain in Aspen. Is there anything better than completing a day on the slants with grill pulled pork nachos and the best wings on the planet? Thought not. In the event that you’re searching for a substantial, consoling apres-ski feast, this is your spot.

5. Cloud Nine Bistro

Head 10 minutes beyond town to High countries Mountain and ski or snowboard to Happy to the point bursting. Lunch gets Raucous in this enchanting mountain spot. As in moving on tables with a live DJ, champagne splashing wherever rambunctious! Derek and I went early-ish and sat by the window in a different niche that was somewhat more private/calm – so if you need to go for an all the more serene course, then request to sit by the back window 😉

Different cafés I love; Ajax Bar (extraordinary easygoing, late morning ski break spot), Campo de Fiori (Italian), Pine Rivulet Cookhouse (very heartfelt), White House Bar (charming spot for lunch or supper.)

What to pack / wear at Apres-Ski Spots in Aspen

Clearly bring comfortable warm apparel! Turtlenecks, long clothing, snow boots, caps, gloves, and so on – it get’s really cold! Furthermore, similar to I said in the start of this post, you need to dress to dazzle in Aspen. I love that ladies here don’t avoid any and all risks. They truly hold nothing back. You see floor length fur garments, shearling coats, beyond preposterous boots, caps, and sacks. It’s Good times. It truly rouses me strolling around here – I love that individuals embrace their environmental factors and add in rough, cattle rustler stylish, mountain gear with extravagance/planner things. Make certain to look at all of my colder time of year Aspen outfits here.

For ski gear explicitly – there are ski stores wherever in Aspen so not to worry assuming you fail to remember something! Gorsuch has marvelous and go overboard commendable covers, caps, and boots in abundance. Net-a-Doorman likewise has a lovely determination and does following day transporting. I for one love these ski pants, this ski coat, these goggles and these gloves.

I truly want to believe that you partook in my most memorable travel guide and in the event that you haven’t as of now download my Movement Application in the Application Store or Google Play by just looking “With Affection From Kat” – it’s free thus simple to utilize!

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